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Keeping your Bladder Healthy on Trip from Naples to Orlando

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Does your bladder find it hard to stay under control during a trip? Most people take bladder control for granted during a road trip which can be very embarrassing and painful. But for other people; those between the ages 25 to 75, incontinence are a big issue especially if you are on a road trip. Anyone traveling from Naples Florida will do wise to follow these tips on keeping your bladder healthy in other to enjoy your shuttle bus trip to Orlando.

If you are seeking for bladder leakage solutions for a road trip, the idea of sitting in a shuttle bus on that trip down the coast of Naples Florida can seem intimidating due to the long distance of Orlando, but with a little preparation, you can enjoy your vacation and have the best time of your life during your road trip with these healthy bladder tips.

Start with a plan ahead of time by working on timed bladder emptying. As much as you can, stick to your plan before your trip and plan ahead with the shuttle bus driver to drive in such a way that you’ll be allowed to go through towns or gas stations where you can go and have your convenience.
• Keeping a healthy weight is crucial because the heavier you are, the more your bladder is pressed on by your weight. It is important to watch your weight and get adequate exercise and eating a moderate diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables can help prevent any incontinence.
• Take Vitamin C it has a number of benefits. It is believed to enhance skin quality and have a positive impact on a neurogenic bladder. Vitamin C can also potentially reduce the risk of contracting a urinary tract infection. Some dermatologists may also tell you to buy a sunscreen with Vitamin C in it.
• The absorbent pad might not be a bad idea, so stock up on absorbent pads. Although they’re not ideal, they could be a lifesaver in a worst-case scenario and having one on hand can just give you that extra confidence that could make your trip stress free.
• Know what works well for your body. It can be tempting on a road trip to grab that quick meal and splurge on a soda, but if you know what irritates your bladder, stay away from it while on the road. Consider packing snacks to bring with you that you know aren’t irritating.

Whether you are at home or on the road, it is important to put your health first. At this point, you’ve probably noticed that having a plan is the key to your successful road trip if you are having a bladder problem. Your bladder is a hollow organ that holds urine from your kidneys it is one of those body parts that you probably don’t think about until it starts demanding attention at an unusual time.

A lack of bladder leakage solutions need not keep you from having an awesome road trip, though you can still enjoy your road trip(#### please place a link to the article 8 tips to enjoy your road trip from Naples to Miami) and save yourself a great deal of discomfort on the road as well if you follow these tips. Stay safe, have a comfortable trip and enjoy your shuttle bus road trip from the beautiful coast of Naples to the Sunshine of lovely Orlando!

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